— crystal vases in your home — crystal vases in your home

According to one of the legends, the birthplace of crystal glass is England, where in the XVII century, because of the ban on the use of charcoal, glassmakers came up with the happy idea to add lead oxide to glass. This gave the product an unsurpassed shine and restored the transparency of the glass, lost as a result of the use of permitted charcoal. At about the same time, in Bohemia, Venice, Saxony and Italy, crystal vases, cups and glasses began to be produced, and to this day handmade products of old manufactories are valued all over the world almost like gold. You can buy a crystal vase here:
It is not for nothing that they say that crystal «sings»: if the glass emits the usual booming sound, then any crystal vessel with a slight impact emits a pleasant, very melodious and soft sound. It is impossible to make a mistake, so if you are afraid of fakes, there is no better way than to listen to whether the vase you have chosen will sing.
A crystal vase will stand out from its glass counterparts due to its striking brilliance. When the rays of light penetrate through the crystal, they illuminate the whole room with their brilliance. That’s why our crystal chandeliers look so glamorous.
If the seller offers you a vase made of colored, not transparent crystal, do not rush to accuse him of cheating — crystal comes in several shades, each of which may be the result of certain additives. For example, a green crystal turns green when combined with copper oxide, a blue crystal turns blue when combined with cobalt particles, silicon turns it pink, and manganese turns purple.
Crystal vases are a trend in modern interior design. They are combined with completely different styles. Soviet vases of various shapes are used both on the dining table and on the coffee table. They are decorated with flowers, dried flowers and other various plants. What can I say, let’s see!

Notice how crystal in all its manifestations gives a touch of luxury and glamour to even the most dull or average interior. Decorate your table with a crystal vase (or several), and you will immediately feel like an aristocrat at a party for lords. Why not experience it every day?
Of course, crystal vases themselves are not always interesting and self-sufficient. Therefore, experts recommend supplementing them with details made of the same material or at least high-quality glass. It’s really hard to look away from such a decoration.

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